Wretches of the Frozen Crust

by Chris Cappello

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Three new songs, recorded december 2013. I wrote these in my first semester at college. Quick thanks to my friends at Yale, LVL UP, Tyler Birdtapes, Sam Ray, Mat Cothran, the whole crew at Portals, Anthony Fantano, Jack, John, and all the people who did good or bad things to me in 2013 as long as they were 'meaningful.'


released 25 December 2013
Chris Cappello - acoustic and electric guitars, jingle bells, wine glass, vocals, sampling



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Apology
the unexamined life is not worth living
and if i have to go through that without questioning
i will die dumb and wrong and blissful

call it what you want, i call it living well
living in hell

the neglected lover's the only true one
because he can't stem the bleeding no matter how much he tries
he will survive to cry another day

he stays true and sad and alone every night
i call that loving right

and when they count the votes he'll stand
two hundred sixty three
to two hundred thirty four to set him free

so now i go to die
and now you go to live
and neither of us know who benefits
Track Name: The Stairwells And Hallways Of Your New Home
a solitary protestor holds up a sign that says 'peace is the answer' and i wish i could agree with him but i haven't felt 'at peace' since like 2010

here's the thing, we started out friends
it was cool but most nights i wanted the world to end
and some nights it almost did

but we moved out, we both did
to separate places
and sometimes i wonder if we're actually closer
or if we just extended our fatal separation

i still don't know where you are
it's been haunting me since i stepped out of your car and into the abyss

into the abyss, into the abyss, into the abyss
i go to the abyss, i go to the abyss

fuck all of this, fuck your persistence, into the abyss i go
to the abyss

because your name still resonates in the stairwells and hallways of the place i have to call my new home
is this shell or is this bone?

crawl out of it
cut it open
what's the difference?
Track Name: The First Snow
he said "i stopped cutting up my arms
cause my girlfriend hates the scars
i'm sorry, part of that was a joke
you can probably guess which part

no one laughs at me anymore
'cause i lock my mouth up tight
and i never leave my bedroom
to face the judgmental daylight

my fluorescent sun is much more kind
it's been there for me on so many nights

on the altar that i kiss
offerings that i won't miss
i know what it's like to be you
i used to be like that too

it was not so long ago baby
it was not so long
i remember the harsh sting of the winter air
i recall the songs

"on the first snow of the year
i burned my skin." he said, "i don't care about anything"