December Forest Fire

by Chris Cappello

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three songs written and recorded between august and december 2012. recorded at home on a Zoom R16 digital multitrack recorder and a PreSonus Audiobox USB. not exactly a hint of things to come, but I will be playing these at solo shows. the title track is vaguely winter-themed.

special thanks to townes van zandt, animal collective for that one line in "My Girls," henry bemis is a superhero, conor oberst, elvis depressedly,, lane nelson, and Sam Ray of teen suicide

also thanks to Brian and Marco, who didn't play on this but who will definitely play on the next important thing i put out


released December 25, 2012

chris cappello - vocals, lyrics, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, percussion, sampling



all rights reserved


Chris Cappello New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven CT est 1995

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Track Name: Evergreen (December Forest Fire)
Snow has frozen over all the latches on the front door of my grandparents' old place. Winter's only welcome in the kitchen with the kettle on the range.

Bundled up in blankets by the fireside, huddling against my oldest flame, listening to 'Our Mother The Mountain''s got me feeling blue again.

Satellites are calling for a blizzard. I read it in the register today. Winter gale comes southern from Toronto -- got bad weather on the way.

and I left my baby cold when I surrendered my body to another bitter soul and I hope the white wind blows my kiss from her, and the storm will purge all the filth that covers the earth (I hope it isn't wishful thinking).

Dreamt myself a vision when I passed out that night, awoke to find that it had come to be. You're gone to Philadelphia that morning with your brand new family.

I could follow you into the snowstorm, my dear, yes I could let the snowfall cover me. But how could I begin to give in to one after putting out to three?

Now a tree grows in my brain, but as the seasons change it stays the same, Evergreen like her virgin body, like the child in me.

But when the texture gets too rough on the ice that covers all the stuff that we cherish in the world -- adobe slabs and four walls for my girls -- you'd better hope that they'll rebuff, and hope that your heart keeps you warm enough.


Fantasize of dying of heatstroke. Light a match and douse myself in flames. Melt away material possessions and erase my Christian name.
Track Name: Your Eyes Still Illuminate The Night
I don't think I'm gonna try so hard no more.
I don't think I'm gonna sing so loud no more,
'cause I have seen into a part of another wounded heart
and it looks just like the one I've seen before

last night I passed out on my best friend's kitchen floor
I was covered in the blood from last night's war
and when I woke I heard the crowd call out for more
so I laughed and I sighed and I poured -- one more, just one more

So today I went down to the record store
and I saw something that I'd seen before
the record you bought the last night that I held you in my sights
your brown eyes, they were burning oh so bright
Your brown eyes still illuminate the night.

When I dream, I always dream about the sky
No, I don't waste my slumber wishing I could fly
it's just that I still see the sky in your eyes
Your brown eyes still illuminate the night
But I'm not having such a good night tonight.

So do you even want to hear me sing this song?
Do you want to learn the words and sing along?
'Cause there are people with better things to do,
and I'm not sure if one of them ain't you.

So I'll write another word that rhymes with "yours"
But when I write about you, all my rhymes are forced
I guess I'll strum away another simple chord
'Cause that's all you deserve anymore.
Track Name: Song For The Girl Who Didn't Die
and so at least there's this
a fleeting glimpse of something missed, forgotten or deceased
and at least there's her
she's everything, yeah, everything a photograph could be

she's got soft white skin to match her cotton clothes
and her face is colored like a rose
and yeah, I've got these arms
my veins are strong and tight
but try as I might, I can't hold myself close tonight

but still I've got these roots
They're strong and deep
and when I was sixteen they sprouted from a seed
so now look at me: The tallest tree
The only tree in the forest worth seeing

But I just want someone to cut me.
I just want someone to cut me down.

and until then, I've got these arms
though very worn, like a child born that no woman ever warrmed
and they're very scarred but I still try to smile
because they're not yours, but I could be for a while.